O’ My Father

Posted: April 3, 2010 in My Poetry
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O’ Father of the Blackened Eye,
I worship you with spit.
Creator of all that is ugly,
in Thine image I am made.

And Thy name is Pain
and Anger and Sorrow:
You are legion in your names.

I hate the very word of you
with your black and blue message
of love.

Manifestation of evil.
You are a god in your own right.
King of the castle,
Lord of the roost,
and Destroyer of my soul.

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  1. Gripping emotion. This piece is well crafted, and evocative. A hard won tale told through the catharsis of poetry. The use of dogmatic, theological taxonomy is both clever and clear evidence of healing, though not completely healed, scars.

    Masterful write, excellent read, though the painful emotion strikes a chord with the reader(s).

    • Thanks, I am glad you appreciate the “ugly” side of poetry. It seems like a lot of people have a very narrow view of what poetry means…and it’s usually pretty. Appreciate your comment. Come back anytime : )

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