Hanging Time

Posted: April 17, 2010 in My Poetry
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Rope curls like a coiled snake
with a head too lazy to bite.
A knife will do the biting;
chew off a piece long enough
for a noose, and
my head fits just inside.

You bit my neck like the rope,
left ribbons of saliva and long bruises;
blue and black in the stuttering
light of the cloud-driven moon.
Bruises like a collar
bound around my throat.

Heavy body hanging down,
spinning slow above the ground,
neck, a wishbone snapping.

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  1. zabethmarsh says:

    I like the use of colors. really “paints” a picture. excellent work.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them.

  3. Haunting and vivid imagery without being distasteful. Feels descriptive of emotion rather than an actual event. Very well written, and a great read.

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