A Fortnight and Two

Posted: May 5, 2010 in My Poetry
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Two weeks & two days since
you took the leap of faith
that broke your neck and our hearts.

It seems impossible
you aren’t coming back,
though that still, white face
was proof, even before
they took you away
to be made into a caricature.

The ground you lie under
was covered in snow,
thoughtfully removed for your burial;
bringing a false sense of spring
to your place of eternal slumber.

But the surrounding snow and
wind stabbing through our winter coats
and deep into our hearts
reminded us that snow was reality –
grass was not and
you’d be soon blanketed
under snow like a flower

that would never bloom in spring.

Audio Reading

  1. Good point! I can’t wait for Adison to be born. She will be beautiful with Ty and Destiny as parents. Both of them blonde with huge blue eyes. I am so happy that Ty left us the gift of Adie, so that he will live on in many different ways.

  2. Ruth says:

    The most beautiful and rare flower, The Adison, blooms in late July. Stand by. My legacy has just begun.

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