Foundling, Rejected

Posted: May 19, 2010 in My Poetry
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You lay blame on my doorstep,
when I’m sleeping,
like unwanted offspring.
It cries most piteously, but it’s
not mine to own and I turn my back;
ignore it like the fucking bitch you say I am.
It can die out there in the cold
as easily as in the coldness of my arms.

My heart, an icicle, stabs me from inside
and I turn inside out to stab you with
that icy splinter, whenever I feel the need.

The infants of blame are not my concern.
They should not exist in this world.
Monstrosities, they are bastard abortions
that never should have been.
Multi-armed and dangerous, they have eyes
in the back of their head…born whispering of sin
they won’t stop until they’ve said it all
and they’ve seen you take the fall.

Pretended innocence…
baby-face fooled me once.
He won’t do that again.


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