Toeing The Line

Posted: June 4, 2010 in My Poetry
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Elephants linked
trunk to tail
are how I see your “love”.
An endless procession
of “the one’,
the many,
the endless…
all leading to the same
Never, Neverland.

Coming from almost
anywhere, elephants of
all shapes and sizes,
each studying the ground
as if intrigued –
trunk linked to tail
of the elephant before.
No break in the line.

Anyone could be The One
(they all were at one time),
but the elephants are occupied
with toeing the line,
making sure not to lose their grip
on the one that came before.

Linked up, nose to tail,
the procession will go on,
this time with one new elephant
humming her infrasonic, silent song.

No break in the long line
of pachyderms,
you must have them all,
each linked, one to another,
you thought they’d never fall.

But they dropped like cardboard cutouts,
at the end of each long day,
though they took up the horizon
with their mesmerizing sway
and were impossible to see through
as they made their aching way
across that barren plain: your heart –
though you wanted them to stay.

They have different ideas
and One mind as cunning as yours.

Although you can’t hear it,
they have a private call,
and though you don’t believe it,
you can’t control them all.


ELEPHANTS emit low-frequency vocal sounds, inaudible to man, that may be used as a ”secret” language to communicate with other members of a herd over both long and short distances, researchers at Cornell University have discovered.

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  1. heather (hfeaga) says:

    Beautiful! ❤

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