Karmic VooDoo

Posted: June 7, 2010 in My Poetry
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Karma will be kind to me
because I’m kind to her.
I make my deals blindly,
love at random; melt down.
No ill will intended.

Like Kali, the Hindu
goddess of destruction
it is my nature to destroy.
Karma punishes deliberate
cruelty: vitriolic hate.
Not human nature, frailty
or an inability to recover
from a lifetime of pain.
That, she understands.

I don’t worry about Karma.
My intent is usually pure.
When I say I love, I love.
When I say I hate, I hate.
Happy, smile; sad, cry.
I am what I am:
bitter and twisted
in my own special way.

I check myself often
to see if I am being
deliberately cruel…
try to live what I believe.
Often I fail, but I try
again and again,
as many times as it takes
to finally get it right.

I am reviled for my inabilities,
for my weaknesses.
Go ahead and hate me.
I can deal with that.
I have real friends
and a real life.
A family I can count on.
Who are you to talk about Karma?

You with no family,
no friends, living off the goodwill
of others; a desperate
parasite, longing for a host.

You don’t know how it all
comes together, like a
stained glass window.
Broken pieces melt into place
like they were always meant to be.
You just can’t see the pattern.

I am strong, I will prevail.
Your words are insignificant
and make me laugh, like
the tantrum of a 2 year old.

What I know is this:
True love you won’t forget
no matter how hard you try.
My own distrust and
your eventual defeat.

Karma, kissed my lips
and blessed me with good fortune
for all the days of my life.

  1. heather says:

    That is my most favorite of your poems. Its so human! Beautiful as always. ❤

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