High Priestess of the Damned

Posted: July 5, 2010 in My Poetry
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I guess, for you,
this is a first.
I’m the first woman
you’ve kicked to the curb,
in all those years of
undying loyalty,
unwavering dedication
to whoever you were with.

I held
the final straw
that broke your camel’s back.

It seems there should be
a ceremony of sorts
and I, a dignitary.
After all, I’ve heard
the horror stories
of the women
who went before me.
How evil they were;
the atrocities committed.

But you held on anyway.
You believed in undying love.
Without love
you were nothing and
only restraining orders
finally stopped you
from hunting exes down
and haunting them with love
so sincere, they’d finally give in.

I am crowned
the biggest bitch of them all,
in a ritual of my own making.
A cardboard crown; plastic jewels
affixed with Elmer’s Glue,
sits, jaunty, on my head.
If I have to be the worst,
I’m going to do it with style.

It’s not an award I particularly
wanted, but we seldom get
what we want.

I guess you did.
I’d almost laugh, but it’s not funny.
Except, perhaps to you.


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