Posted: October 3, 2010 in My Poetry
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I can’t
the slow song
of the South.

Don’t know
what it was
about you
that fulfilled me
so completely,
I wanted nothing
but you.

I don’t know you

I never pictured
I saw us
in love
for the rest of our lives
and then eternity.

How could I
have mis-
so completely?

I think I simply
trusted too much
in your conviction.

When you said there was
nothing I could do
to make you turn away,
I believed.

All it took
was suicide
and my shatter
in the aftermath.

As far apart
as we were
in actual distance,
we’re much farther
than that now.

Me, in small pieces
I don’t recognize –
they don’t even know
each other,

and you are…?
God knows where
or what these days.

I shower every night
to erase
the tracks
leading back to

still oozing
from broken
I smudge a hole
in the fog of the mirror.
There’s no one
looking back.

That’s how much
I’ve disappeared
from both
our lonely hearts.

I wish you’d go
from mine.

For you
it must be a relief
to forget;

for me
it’s just
ground zero.


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