Painting the Zebra

Posted: January 19, 2011 in My Poetry
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Your favorite hobby
is wearing thin.

Bold black stripes
of my fault lines.

No matter
which color’s
it always wears off
too soon…
though some last
longer than others.

the best
to hide behind –
The illusion of
a dark horse;
unlikely victory.

But white swims
up through
solid black
making muddy grey.

Musical colors;
the next shade
best suited
for hiding
what I am:

mixed up,
black and white;

Not what you
would have me be:

just a plain,
white pony.

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  1. bex says:

    i really enjoy this. sorry i’m not as clever as your other commenters – i liked your surprising turn of phrases that bookend the piece. the first line drew me in and the last line finished me off.

    i feel like you gave me a daily dose of poetry – thank you.

  2. Chris G. says:

    Nice, easy flow to this one – a paced engagement with the reader that draws one steadily in, questioning the path you’re leading us down…in all its colored exposition. Painting the Zebra indeed…nice image to show the rising above conformity, above the sometimes shallow nature of expectation; “not what you would have me be: just a plain, white pony.” And thank goodness for it. The more substance, the better. Let a few stripes in, a little black to the white – wouldn’t life be tragically mundane if all were the same bland color?

  3. moondustwriter says:

    Love this contrast of stripes and the Zebra

    the wild strips versus calm pony

    Nice for One Shot

  4. I feel you. I feel this. Gorgeous! ♥♥

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