Ty’s Song

Posted: February 23, 2011 in My Poetry

Ty and Mason

Mason’s song. Mason wrote this song for Ty and played it at his funeral. It is an awesome tribute to a great guy. RIP Tyrel…we love and miss you, always.


T.A.L. (Tyrel Adison Long)

Son, what have you caused here now?
Was this an act of desperation?
Was your will crushed completely?
After that night my whole world turned dark.

Standing in still silence,
Your soul can finally find ease
At least you think it will.
Cast into heaven, promised peace until the end of time.
For us down below, stuck in hell trying to leave the past behind.

Son, what have you caused here now?
Were you upon your darkest days?
Son we are lost without your voice.
I wish I could change things, but I have no choice.

Your shadow is cast upon the wall every night.
Thoughts of guilt I constantly fight.
If only I could have known what you were planning to do on that cold, cold night.
But I didn’t, instead we find you dead, hanging in the moonlight.

Son what have you caused here now?
Why did you abandon all hope?
Son so many tears have been spilled over you.
I wish it was a dream but it was true.

  1. bex says:

    i’m sorry, anything i comment is too trite, including this comment.

    perhaps i can just tell you that tears are in my eyes.

    • Thanks and your comment’s not too trite at all. There is not much you can really say to something like this. Mason is a really good musician. I can’t listen to the song without getting tears in my eyes either. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, especially when it’s hard.

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