The Greatest Gift

Posted: April 8, 2011 in My Poetry
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See the first buds
on wet branches.
Hear the harsh
caw of crows.

My heart
beats strongly
as a fist on the door.

Liver, lungs
and kidneys
do their work,

Silent celebration
of health,
of life.

Glad to be a part
of this greening world.

for those saviors
who return
the gift
of life
when their use
for it is done.

my nephew’s heart valve
still opens and shuts.

his corneas
share Ty’s love
of beauty.

While one family
other families

can become

  1. bluebee says:

    Wow, that’s amazing, Coin & Feather and very interesting to see Heather’s comment, as well

    • Thanks BB…Heather’s comment is very humbling. I am grateful to hear from the “other side” of the donation process. It makes me feel so proud of my nephew and all the others like him, and all the people, like my sister who made that unselfish decision at a very painful time in their lives.

  2. Heather Hazlett says:

    What an amazing poem! I am both a transplant recipient and a poet I cannot begin to tell you the gratitude I feel to my donors one of gifted me with sight through a cornea transplant the other who gave me a kidney/pancreas transplant. Thank you for sharing this poem you have touched my heart this morning!

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