1:53 AM

Posted: April 10, 2011 in My Poetry
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Although it’s early
evening, for me,
it feels late.

Went to bed at 5 AM,
got back up at 7:30.
Between various errands,
visual abnormalities
warned me a migraine
was on its way.

Voices became tinny
little echoes
while lights screamed
at my eyes.
Nausea appeared,
charging through static edges
of vision, full tilt,
weapons at the ready.

Raced to bathroom,
only to find one of the cats
had vomited in the sink…
the sink with no running water,
because I need to replace
a leaky water-supply valve,
and just got the part today.

This was clearly not my day
to rise and shine,
so I’ll surrender my body
to sleep, hoping it can,
to paraphrase Shakespeare,
“knit the raveled sleeve of care.”

Or, at the very least,
darn my holey underwear.


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