“Never again.”
Words of someone
with far more faith
in themselves
or circumstance
than I have.

I am unable to say
“never” or “always”,
with any degree
of certainty.

I don’t know
how tomorrow
will approach.

It might be a stealth
attack, when
I must remain alert,
attentive and hyper-vigilant
to avoid destruction.

It could
just as easily be
laid back…warm.
The sort of day
that softens my brain
like melting wax.
So relaxed,
it might run out of my ears
if I tip my head
to the side.

Most often
I tiptoe around life,
claws half out,
of what it can do.

Of what I can do
to myself.
No one
is more aware than I,
of danger’s
constant presence.

A menace
to myself and others.

A half-cocked gun,
a hand grenade
pin out, lever held
with hands that tremble.

Extreme caution
is always advised.
I am never
a safe proposition.


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