© Coin and Feather Press

Is it possible
to become
after all this time
as a beast?

Learn to walk
with crooked tongue.

Can I forgive
and forget,
move on
with my life;

to stand tall
in ill-fitting shoes,
wearing the garb
of a traitor?

Or am I condemned
to run
through grass so tall
it hides
what I really am;

makes me look
almost real?

Stand casual,
beside humans
Compare myself
to them.

I am full.
They are hollow.

We are different

  1. bluebee says:

    In the light of DID, this interesting piece seems to have so many meanings – ‘different species’ in one, or one comparing to others – or new comparing to old

    • Thanks for your comment, BB. I think that the DID confuses me as much (or more) as it does the other people in my life. Before my diagnosis, I was seen as extremely moody and highly unpredictable. Now, although it makes a lot of sense, I’m still learning to come to terms with it, so I’m not even sure what I meant.

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