What’s Love Worth?

Posted: January 29, 2012 in My Poetry

Hanging on
when good is gone and
bad, ugly things crowd in;
vultures flying lazy circles.

The painful crawl of days,
some things you can’t fix.
The eternal stink of incontinence
filling rooms with
the palpable stench of decay.

The lift and strain
to keep muscles from atrophy;
the constant gulping terror
devouring you whole.

Moans, coughs, sobs
become the only language
you understand, and
when they sleep,
blessed respite
when you can die a little too.

What’s love worth
to you?
When you’re no longer recognized;
are bitten, beat and choked
by the terror of dying…
is that when you say

I can’t wash my hands
of this;
the smell of shit and piss
follow me into the shower and
back out, again.

I’m forever tainted.

Still, I strain to lift bodies
from the filth of their own excrement,
wash them off,
make them clean.

The washer runs, non-stop.

First one,
blessedly dead,
now another, dying.

What lesson am I meant to learn
in this ceaseless battle?

Press on with love.
Forget about hope.
Live for each separate moment.

The reward is in
I can.
I will.
I did.
I will do what it takes.

For love,
I sacrifice my peace.

For love
is all
there is.


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