3 Bear Lodge

The motel curtain leaks in
A pale Wyoming dawn.
There are dark mounds lying all around,
Sleeping like hibernating grizzlies.
What called me out of slumber?
I listen and hear only breathing.
Six of us share this one room,
In beds, or on the floor.
It is nearly morning.
I am warm and drowsy.
I close my eyes and hear light breathing,
Gentle snoring and a sigh;
My family, close enough to touch,
Secure in this square cave.
As my ears sort out the sounds,
My eyes droop shut,
And the pillow cradles my cheek.
“How green my…
Overflowing valley…
Runneth…or something.”
I yawn as my fuzzy, faded thoughts
Drift apart and dissolve
Back into sleep.

© Caroline


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