I burrow backward

Across the clamor

Of my fevered footsteps

To reunite

With a rabid rainbow-chaser

To counsel

A clumsy, cocksure child

Who clung to a comet’s tail

And soared star-blind

Into the elusive expanse

Of his dawning delirium

I am now father to this feral fawn

Who bounded through boyhood

And leapt through life

On the wild wings of his willowy wishes

I huddle

In his haughty, hormonal heart

And forgive his far-flung flaws

Time has taught us temperance

Youth is yelling and yearning

The garish glamour of growing up

A furious flirtation with the future

The seismic swirl of searching

For the perfect persona

To navigate the unknown

Later we learn

We accept the uncertain

And celebrate the comforting chaos

Of ceaseless changes

We merge with the mysterious

And savor the sweet surprise

Of unhurried happenstance

Dreams have delivered

Us to the tender tangle of today

The majestic is this moment



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