My Inner Goddess


Sex slinks through my soul

Like a lady leopard

Skulking in the swampy shadow




My passion prowling

For fearless frenzy

And feminine finesse

In the juicy jungle

Of my carnivorous cravings

My wild, whimsical woman awakens

The soft, Sapphic sunrise surfaces

In my lycanthropic loins

Beneath my boyish bravado

A delicious deity dances

A curvy cream puff

Of winsome wants

Frolics in my fever

A divine daughter of decadence

Rides a randy roan

Of macho musings

She saddles the stallion

And tames the thrashing tumescence

Into an iridescent intimacy

I splash on silky skin

And surrender to the sweet meat



And lavender lips

Of a rosy rebirth

In the cradle of my creator


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