Karla’s Biography:

Karla is a great poet, insightful, and a great friend to me. She always has good advice. She is Mason’s mom, and has raised her family of 3 kids and 2 dogs, pretty much on her own since her youngest child wasn’t quite yet 2. She is someone I admire very much. She has a “can do” attitude and is always making her house and yard more beautiful. She has a real gift for design. She is the one person I can always count on to give me honest and direct constructive feedback on my poetry.

I admire Karla’s courage for dealing with Mason’s terrifying episodes of the down cycle of his bipolar swing. She has saved him many times from the same fate that Ty suffered. She takes him to Dr. after Dr. trying to find someone who can give him the right mix of medications to stabilize him. I, luckily, never had to deal with that, except as myself. I can only see second hand, how hard it is to love someone and feel utterly helpless as they try to self-destruct.

This is Karla’s 2nd experience with suicide. The daughter of a man she dated for many years, shot herself in the head at the age of 17. Karla considered her a daughter. It was devastating for her and she alone understood the horror of that kind of loss. We all knew Savvy, but weren’t particularly close to her. It was tragic but it didn’t hit home for us the way it did for Karla. It makes me sad now that Karla had to deal with it alone. She is a 2 time suicide survivor, and I admire her ability to keep on going when all she wanted to do was give up, many times. She is tenacious and tough in a practical way that amazes me. Love my little Kar Kar!


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