Nolens Volens

You want to draw me out
You try to provoke.
You taunt and you lie,
Then you revel in the chaos

I will not surrender.
I did before because I cared.
Because, I had something to lose.
But I lost, more than I gained.
when I gave in to you.

You can’t break me.
Despite what you think,
You didn’t make me.
It is you who is broken
And given enough time,
You will come undone,
Just as you always do.

You have burned every bridge,
And wronged every right
That’s ever been done to you.
You are incapable of remorse
Incapable of sincerity
And I couldn’t go back –
Even if I wanted to.

  1. Brian Carlin says:

    good to see the strength of this piece

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