Mason’s Biography:

My nephew, Mason, is 21 years old and has suffered from rapid cycling bipolar depression for most of his life. He was diagnosed after his first suicide attempt, and subsequent hospitalization, at the age of 13. Many years, psychiatrists, therapists later, Mason still struggles daily with suicidal thoughts, self-injury, and substance abuse. He was one of his cousin Ty’s closest friends and Tyrel’s decision to take his life, has made Mason more committed to resisting the urge to harm himself.

In the past 2 years, Mason has made great strides in personal growth and has really grown into a man to be proud of. He is in his 2nd year of college in Florida and working on a degree in music theory. He’s an amazing guy and I’m very proud of him.

Mason is an extremely talented musician and plays many different musical instruments. His favorite is the guitar, but he is also a superb drummer, singer, and plays the keyboard. He writes and mixes his own music and lyrics, and it is hard to tell that the radio isn’t on when he has his own compositions playing. Check out the song he wrote for Ty’s funeral, T.A.L. (Ty’s initials) here. He also wrote and played a song at my dad’s funeral.

Check out Mason’s poem, Peace Within. I hope to see more poetry and perhaps some music from Mason soon, but he says he is taking a hiatus from poetry for awhile. Hopefully, not too long!


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