Peace Within

Make peace with myself,
tame the demons;
get me some help.
I’m crazy, I’m sure,
but luckily, I have a cure.
The solution seems obscene.
It’s all that’s left to stop the screams held within.
I found a solution, all I need is some contribution.
Help me behave myself;
no longer do I want to see, help me, help me

Enslaved to a never ending battle,
it’s getting all too much to handle.
No reason, no cause, I’m leaving this place.
Penetrate my brain, break these walls –
To destroy what’s held in,
I am committing the ultimate sin.

By doing this,
I do not know if it’s like what they preach and show.
I guess I’ll find out soon.
I’ll join those who left the world, causing pain and ruin.
Baptize me in eternal fire,
by all accounts my action spoke higher.

Even away, we are together.
No better time than now, although we still remember.
If only you could be with me now.
It’s been too long,
since you’ve been gone.
Still, I feel as if you’re real but you’re gone

Days seem like they last forever.
Trapped in a concrete cast,
I’ll meet you shortly
but for now, all I can do is ask why
Sitting there….sorry.

© Mason Allan
October 2009

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