Ruth’s Biography:

Ruth is my older sister, and one tough cookie. I don’t know of many people who could face the things she has faced and still be sane, let alone thriving.

Ruth is the one who found Tyrel after he hung himself on the back porch of their home. She has raised her 3 kids as a single mother since they were very small, and managed to get a BS in Botany while doing so. She is one of the best moms I know. She has dealt with more in her lifetime than I can imagine. From having an abusive, alcoholic ex-husband, a daughter who was a heroin addict living on the streets, to being the one to repeatedly save Ty’s life on his numerous suicide attempts, and ultimately being the one to have to make all funeral arrangements for her baby boy, all alone, her courage and love have astounded me. Ruth also suffers from bipolar depression. She deals with it well, most of the time, but it is an illness and there are better and worse days, especially now. I am very proud of my sister.

  1. Ruth says:

    Perfection as elusive as a shadow,
    Plagues my every step,
    Like a ravened wolf seeks for food,
    Waiting for me to fail.
    I try. My best falls short.
    I’m a warrior at heart, not a quitter.
    Quitters are the smart ones.
    I go on, until on the highest overlook
    I see the vastness below – huge
    And I stand alone, cold – freezing
    Judged unfit.
    “You are a mere human.”
    Be gone.

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