A New Journey Begins

Time to grow up
Open my hand and release all ties
They’re illusionary; I don’t really own them.

Scary grown up things: Go to the bathroom alone?
Go to the movie, to eat, to shop, to travel and roam,
I’m enough alone. I will survive.

Reality whispers, “The time has come”.
This pack no longer needs a leader.
All pups become leaders in their own time.

The den, a refuge for expressing opinions,
Provides a sounding post for growls and yaps,
But pups grow up, democracy dies.
Alpha leader now rightfully asserts her ultimate vote.

I decide what objects, traditions and relationships to keep or toss.
Strength and wisdom gleaned from the Pack’s warm womb;
Provide confidence for me to stand alone.

The pack has gifted me with trust, courage and love,
Woven into a portable, invincible safety net.
Make mistakes, learn in peace. Fear belongs to the past.
The Great Spirit admonishes, “Don’t hesitate. Go!”

Finally, wise enough, strong enough, to be a “rouge”,
As the lone She Wolf, I flex my muscles tentatively,
And hear the Great Spirit confirm:
“Now! You ARE enough.”

© Ruth


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