Mama’s Boy

Tiny & fierce, you never knew fear,
Your shock of blonde hair stood out defiantly everywhere,
I approached slowly, looking for my missing 6 year old,
You rewarded my concern with a withering glare.

Coming home from school was a far second in your priorities,
You sat, unmoving waiting for the 5th grader to meet you after school,
He promised on the playground and you were staying until you were done.
Disbelief filled your face when I finally convinced you he wasn’t coming.

After you got in the car, you explained in despair “But Mom, they won’t let me beat him up at recess!”
You only relaxed after I promised you could look for him after school again tomorrow!
You were a Tiger cub and never doubted yourself or your abilities.
I never saw you back down, even in death you did it your way.

The saying “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s size of the fight in the dog.”
Could have been penned exclusively for you.
But no matter how tough you were to others, you were always my baby.
You could run fast enough that, when you leapt into my arms, it swung us around.

You were mama’s boy, now Destiny’s Man and Adie’s angel.
Sonshine oh, how we love and miss you.

© Ruth Long

Ty, age 6



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