Steve M

This is my friend, Steve. Check out his blog, Bringing Words to Life There is great stuff there. He’s a truly awesome photographer and artist, as well as a talented poet. I’d like to thank Steve, for becoming part of Coin & Feather Press. I really appreciate his permission to publish his thought-provoking and beautiful poem, Venture.

Here is what Steve would like you to know about him:

I was taking medication for depression, had had counselling and was
working through the troubles in my head, I sometimes drank too much, not
often and not violent, but not a good mix for a depressive state of
mind, I made the call for help by taking a stack of pills, and I mean a
stack – what I wanted to achieve, I don’t know but thank god I’m still
here, things can, and I know, do, get better. I’m married, to who I now
know is a wonderful wife, I have two great boys, Jack and Sam
– during times of trouble, the thought in my mind of them not having a
dad, clicked my mind away from the bad stuff – I’m feeling a bit
emotional writing this, I haven’t spoken about it for a while.


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