Venture (by Steve M)

Marianas Trench, thoughts deep and dark lie,
With the deep ocean uglies, those thoughts of despair,
A place often visited, long time ago,
No option apparent, worst feeling I’ve known.

When that state of mind takes over your being,
Eddies, thoughts swirling, no sense do they make,
Only one thing to do, there’s nothing left,
Nothing to live for, or so it would seem.

Back from the brink, peering over the edge,
Peered into the trench, with thoughts of despair,
Thoughts swirling, no sense did they make,
When thoughts in abyss, with deep ocean uglies.

Counselling, put everything, into perspective,
We know we’ve done wrong, or so society says,
The guilt that is heaped and the burden that brings,
Once a time I would say I have no regrets.

No regrets I still say, for I am still here,
Still here to breathe and speak those words,
And speak them loud and teach their meaning,
To my boys and thank god I can teach them.

To regret puts a negative spin,
On the things one has ventured,
For me, I prefer to venture and fail,
And not regret but turn it to good.

Stop the ventures, fear of love, fear of life,
Curl up in a corner and lay down to die,
Sleep among the willows and the bramble bushes,
Let the frost consume your thoughts and your dreams.

Fear of life brings fear of love, three parts dead,
Bertrand Russell’s immortal words,
Keep the fear from consuming the self,
Turn those three parts on their head.

Venture and fail but venture you must,
Seventy years, sometimes more, sometimes less,
But there’s one thing for sure and it’s deep in my thoughts,
Won’t venture no more when my seventy are spent.

© Steve M.


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