Steve is an old/new friend I’ve known since childhood. He has always been immensely talented. He agreed to let me share a song he wrote here. For that, I am very grateful. I am grateful too, for the internet which has allowed us to reconnect again after losing touch since college. Steve has agreed to allow me to share some of his stellar poetry here too. What an honor…I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Short Bio:

Steve grew up in a small town in Utah. He spent his life trying to conform to the culture of this small town. He could not do it and so he escaped to a place in California; a place where the redwoods meet the ocean. It was a small town, exactly like the one he grew up in but this time he found a lot of peace, a lot of beauty, and a community of wonderful people who appreciated what he had to offer, without ignorant, cruel, unnecessary, and unproductive judgments and with perfect acceptance and love. Life is good now…

Steve’s Poetry

Simple Winter Song

Winter Party

Missing Some

Autumn Triptych

A Season Has Come

The Move

Once There Were Words


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