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Lake Powell

Posted: January 17, 2011 in My Poetry
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Pink clouds in a sky
blue as an eggshell.

Sheer cliffs
rise from black water:
Looming monoliths.

Two crows float by,
sheen of blue sky
on oily black feathers.

repeat hoarse cries
as the sun angles low
over western cliffs,
burnishing water
to a rich, copper glow.

For a time,
everything’s suspended
in that shining water;
cliffs, crows, sky.

We float on gentle waves
of molten ore
as the sun itself
melts in.



Posted: September 4, 2010 in My Poetry
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Green water,
like the kayak.

all around.
Blue heron
low over water;

beneath is a city
of tumbled rock.
Koi swim in and out
of plants so tall
they reach
the water’s surface.

Toads chirrup
and some duck
with a white bill
dives away from sight.

Blue dragonflies
hover in swarms,
just above the water.

If I have to live,
here’s a reason:

the beauty of this world.

Beauty in the Beast

Passion has devoured me.
I lie, whole and undigested,
in its pounding, red gut
tense with anticipation.
Each heartbeat drags me closer
to complete assimilation.

Ribs hug me delicately;
subtle baptism by immersion.
Warm acid gradually
wears away my self-defense
as seductively as a lover
removes restrictive clothing.

Though, aware I’m being absorbed;
becoming something new,
I yield to that embrace,
compliant as a sleepy child
carried off to bed,

My life, nourishment
for a greater cause:
a “me” becoming “we”.

I live within you,
not part of you –