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At Ease

Posted: August 20, 2010 in My Poetry
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I have never
taken the time,
to learn someone
so well.
We talk, analyze
and share,
because you insist we do.

You force me open
like a nut
with a particularly hard shell –

Get inside
by persistence,
holding my face in your hands;
making me look at,
talk of, and feel
things I would otherwise, avoid.

You allow me into your world,
not balking at my questions.
Opening calm blue eyes
to my distrustful grey.

In this meeting of eyes
we merge;
I slide into you
as comfortably as
a dolphin,
arcing back into water;

rest under your chin,
a part of you.
No screaming sirens,
no fireworks,
but full acceptance
of us both,
just the way we are.

A peaceful, sated feeling.
My heart has found a home.


Sabbath bells
harsh message rings;
angels triumphed
somewhere else.

One-way conversations
with God don’t go very well;
like awkward first dates,
you can’t wait to get home
to comfortable friends.
They don’t say much either,
but are loyal and true –
Blessed be bottle and pill.
There are lots of paths
to that sweet oblivion.

Eyes in the mirror again,
pupils so big,
they’re like black water:
ponds of introspection.

In their depths, swims
vivid, pained exhaustion.

I live and I am weary.