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We fought a lot,
some people do.
You were famous
for your temper,
I’m infamous for mine.
Although we’d parted ways,
I still considered you a friend.

We shared a love of poetry.
A complicated, passionate man;
the stereotypical tortured artist.
Your poem, Nuits Glacees
touched me deeply.
I know you loved Saguaro,
perhaps simply because
I wrote it for you.

8 years dead,
I still think of you that way:
an untapped private reservoir,
surrounded by protective thorns;
letting no one else inside.


Beauty in the Beast

Passion has devoured me.
I lie, whole and undigested,
in its pounding, red gut
tense with anticipation.
Each heartbeat drags me closer
to complete assimilation.

Ribs hug me delicately;
subtle baptism by immersion.
Warm acid gradually
wears away my self-defense
as seductively as a lover
removes restrictive clothing.

Though, aware I’m being absorbed;
becoming something new,
I yield to that embrace,
compliant as a sleepy child
carried off to bed,

My life, nourishment
for a greater cause:
a “me” becoming “we”.

I live within you,
not part of you –