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More Readings

Posted: May 16, 2011 in My Poetry
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I added some more readings. Thanks for the positive feedback!

Random readings from here and there…if you’d like to read along, here are links to the poems, published on this blog. Some others aren’t here, yet. Some are from my book;

Toeing the Line

Hanging Time

That Night

O’ My Father

Grieving Process

To Ty

Painting the Zebra



You move in colors
like the night.

to my alien eyes.

This, I eat,
in remembrance of you.

You, digested,
are part of me,

but I am never part
of you.

by advcpl

Some people
can’t stand
a flame;

falter –



They often
burn for years.

Audio Reading

Under a stunted
tree, shaped by wind,
water slapped the shore.

The moon
both swam and sailed
as stars reeled
up above.

You knotted my hair
in your fist
and dragged me
from the car.

Such a beautiful setting
for love.
Such a beautiful setting
for crime.

doesn’t distinguish,
judge or blame;
just watches
with its thousand stars
and that solitary moon.

Toads burp into darkness;
natural sounds, broken
only by your ragged breath.

My tears are silent.
They don’t mean

Audio Reading

From one day to the next
I remain
in your frozen embrace.

I am literal,
you, figurative.

Cut me,
I will bleed.
I always have for you,
my sweetest heartbreak.
This seeping ebb
stains even frozen things red.

I can’t cut myself anymore.
The knives are dull and
have been taken away.

Now I burn:
a glowering ember,
embedded in the center
of Being.

Light that doesn’t illuminate,
But burns dark holes
for me to stumble into,
as I back away from the heat.

Hot or cold
It’s always you;
inside and out.
Wearing me like a costume,
while wrapping me in
shrieking wings that bleed
their way to silence –

Profound and white
after all that crimson noise.


(for Ty – dead 6 months tomorrow. It seems like time has stuttered by, stopping for long periods,then speeding by & generally, making no sense.)

Audio Reading

Anger: exaggerated dependence
and its cost is great.
Exploring its origins can be dangerous,
as each of us still carries within us,
the child we once were.

This shadow child sometimes
has outbursts; says things that aren’t true;
lies to protect the vulnerability she feels.

This is the child I must nurture
and reconnect with.
I must surrender to this chaos
or completely fall apart.
Grief is performing a balancing act
between detachment and dependence.

Then, the healing art of letting go:
solitude. Being alone and undisturbed,
I can see forgotten patterns emerging
from the rejected, abused,
betrayed, inferior child;
to the troubled, discouraged adult.

I now have the power
to gather that child close.
Awaken with her in my arms.
Show her that she is respected
and valuable to me –
That what was broken
by unrelenting violence;
both physical and emotional
can and will heal.
That there is chemistry at work
and fear need not find harbor
at this shoreline.

At first,
the child will disbelieve this truth.
The intensity of relief she feels,
shakes her at the middle –
shivering her bent, submissive backbone
as she slowly comes to realize
that she will be okay.

Without the child’s trust,
the cycle will continue on
far into the future,
with each successive child.

I must compete against that enemy
who wants to keep me imprisoned
in a cage of fear.
I’ve dwelt there for years.

I battle to exclude all negativity
and self-doubt to emerge again,

Not a victim anymore.

Audio Reading