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On the front porch, rain slants in
through trellis, ivy, and rosebush,
spatters my face with cold drops.

Listening to a growing breeze
taunt the wind-chimes,
I’m almost happy, for a change.

Music of varied tones;
orchestrated air –
blowing from the canyon
with spring-sweet scents.

The dogs caper in newly mowed grass,
ensuring green paws for days.
They let the rain soak them,
look up at grey sky – as if giving thanks
for this bounty. Watching,
I wonder if dogs feel it too –
the peaceful heart of our world.


Flying Away

Posted: April 25, 2010 in My Poetry
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You ask for an aisle seat,
there’s work to be done.
You’ve forgotten the wonder
of flying.

Life is such a small thing,
it can slip away unnoticed.

Vigilant in the belly of
the great metal bird,
I look down on an anthill;
too small and too alive.

I am not part of that world.
I recline in languor,
unable to feel joy or pain.
Life, for me, is already past tense.

I just haven’t landed.