Why Coin & Feather?

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The name “Coin & Feather” comes from the belief that spirits often leave coins or feathers to remind those they love that they are still present and aware of what is happening in life. It is my hope that my poetry and art, as well as the poetry, art, music etc, of others, become a part of the legacy we leave, much like coins and feathers…reminding those, when we are gone, of who we were and that part of us lives on.

The motivation for my blog comes from the suicide of my nephew, Ty. Tyrel was more like a son to me than a nephew. My sister and I had our boys, Ty and Dayne, around the same time and they were raised more like twins than cousins. I homeschooled Tyrel along with Dayne and Ty’s older sister, Lainie. My sister’s kids were just like siblings to Dayne, and like my own kids, to me. My sister and I were pretty much interchangeable as far as our kids were concerned. They referred to us as “The Moms” and it usually didn’t matter which mom, as long as A Mom was there.

Ty was a poet and artist and excelled at both. He suffered from rapid cycling bipolar depression and hung himself on January 2nd last year, 2 days after his 24th birthday. It is in Ty’s memory that I am taking this step toward doing what I always wanted to do. This site is mainly designed to share art and writing; other people’s poetry, my poetry, and various art of others. I’d like to include any kind of artistic expression, journal entries, art, music, etc. I hope that it will grow into something worthwhile.

I hope that you find something here you enjoy reading, and appreciate all those who take the time to visit and comment. I welcome contributions to my guest page too. If you have something you’d like to have posted, please email me at coinandfeather@gmail.com. Thanks!

Like everyone who dies by suicide, Tyrel was a person – not just a statistic To learn more about Ty, click here or click his name in the sidebar. His biography is there, along with some videos showing how crazy-fun Tyrel, my son, Dayne and my older brother, Jim, could be. Jim was the smart one, who filmed Ty and Dayne’s antics!

  1. ~thefox says:

    Its such a debilitating illness I’m amazed I’m still around. I understand and suffer deeply. You’re doing a nice thing. Keep going.

    • Thanks. It is amazing that anyone with bipolar survives. It’s a remarkable illness though, with many up-sides, if you care to see them. I can see why so many bipolar people resist medication. I, for one, am glad you’re still around 🙂

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